Request for Proposals (RFP) to Introduce New Questions
to the 2009/10 British Election Study

The British Election Study (BES) is an important public research resource that is open to user community consultation and is responsive to its participation. Openness and responsiveness serve to maximize the value of the BES for researchers and others, to achieve an appropriate combination of continuity and innovation, and to advance the overall integrity of the BES as a valuable research and teaching resource.

Accordingly, the 2009-10 British Election Study requests proposals from the user community to introduce new questions. Proposals are expected to address the criteria listed below for introducing new questions on any of the four components of the 2009-10 BES. As detailed in the 2009-10 BES design of surveys provided in Appendix 1, the four components are:

  1. pre-election and/or post-election ‘core’ surveys; the post-election core survey will include Scottish and Welsh booster samples – both in-person surveys will use CAPI technology and will be conducted by BMRB;
  2. post-election self-completion mail-back questionnaire;
  3. campaign internet panel surveys (CIPS) including the pre-campaign baseline survey, the rolling campaign survey, and the post-election survey – these national internet surveys will be conducted by YouGov;
  4. continuous monitoring surveys (CMS) conducted each month over the July 2008 – June 2012 period – these national internet surveys will also be conducted by YouGov.

Criteria For Submitting a Proposal

Proposals in support of introducing a new survey question or a set of survey questions to the 2009-10 BES in-person core surveys, the self-completion mail-back questionnaire, the campaign internet panel surveys, and/or the continuous monitoring surveys should address the following criteria that pertain to: (a) topical relevance; (b) theoretical motivation; and (c) administrative feasibility.

Dates For Submitting a Proposal

Proposals for the pre/post, in-person, core surveys – not later than August 15, 2009.
Proposals for campaign Internet panel surveys (CIPS) – not later than August 15, 2009.
Proposals for the internet continuous monitoring survey (CMS) (monthly July 2008-June 2012) – at least two months in advance of the month that the survey is intended to be conducted. If an election is called for a time earlier than late Spring or early Summer of 2010, then the above submission dates will be adjusted accordingly.

All proposals should be emailed as Word or pdf files to:
Harold D. Clarke ( AND
Paul Whiteley (

Review Of Proposals

As noted above, all proposals will be judged in terms of topical relevance, theoretical motivation, and administrative feasibility. Proposals will be reviewed confidentially by the 2009-10 BES team with advice from the BES Advisory Board and, as appropriate, the BES Fellows. For the in-person core and campaign internet panel survey proposals, investigators should expect to be notified of decisions not later than October 1, 2009.

Questions about this request for proposals, about how to design a proposal, or about the review of proposals should be addressed to:
Harold D. Clarke ( AND
Paul Whiteley (

Appendix 1. Diagram of Surveys for The 2009/10 British Election Study